Rick Sellers bio

Chair, Concerned Citizens Inc.

ABC News World News Tonight top story on 2001 Bush Tax Cut
With Ronald Reagan going over 1980 “Peace Through Strength” platform language written by Sellers

After working for the U.S. Senate from 1973-1977, Rick has worked to improve democracy as an activist and as a small business consultant. He has helped Presidents Reagan and Bush 41 and 43 with grassroots coalitions such as the Coalition for Peace through Strength, Coalition for SDI, Criminals Cause Crime Coalition, and the Tax Cut Coalition. In 1980 Pres. Reagan endorsed Rick’s Peace through Strength language for the Republican Platform. Former President Bill Clinton in his memoir gives Rick credit (as an NRA executive) for making Newt Gingrich Speaker in 1994 (My Life, pages 629-30).

As the Alabama Republican U. S. Senate Nominee in 1992,

Rick received the most votes in history for an Alabama Republican Senate  challenger. Rick’s goal in 2019 is to advance private sector solutions to major societal problems like graduation rates and improve American democracy. Please help.

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