Defeating ISIS

Certainly there is one issue about which all Americans should be deeply concerned – the success of ISIS. After many years of trying, the US government has failed to slow down ISIS even after thousands of airstrikes that killed at least 15,000 members of that group.

Concerned Citizens Inc. is a 30 year old 501c3 tax exempt organization that has worked many international issues over the years, but fighting ISIS is the most important today.

Islamic State supporter Omar Mateen killed 49 people in Orlando Florida June 12, 2016 and wounded another 52.   Mateen called dispatchers about 20 minutes into the attack, pledging allegiance to ISIS and mentioning the Boston Marathon bombers, a U.S. official said. This type of action will increase if we don’t not figure out the answer to this problem.

Orlando Terror Act

ISIS has control over territory that includes 10 million people. This includes very large areas of Syria and Iraq, as well as limited territorial control in Libya and Nigeria. The group is growing everywhere, and has major affiliates in Southeast Asia.

This threat is not going away.

The only question is will we defeat ISIS before it is too late. Americans waited too long to take on Hitler, which led to at least 60 million deaths. Americans waited too long to take on slavery, which led to 620,000 deaths in an unnecessary war.

ISIS compels everyone who lives in areas that it controls to live according to its interpretation of sharia law. Christian clerics and believers are being killed on a daily basis. One report has 150 Kurdish voice age 14 to 16 were abducted subject to torture and abuse before they were killed. Young girls are sold off to ISIS fighters sometimes for just a pack of cigarettes. These girls are then raped repeatedly, and usually killed. How can you sit idle and allow this to happen?
ISIS killing the innocent.

Americans took on the Soviet Union, Hilter, and the Japanese Empire and won. With all Americans working together we can defeat this threat that kills women and children and innocent people every day. We don’t have the answer to defeating ISIS but we certainly intend to find out, and fight every day to defeat this despicable demonic terrorist group.

Here are 20 photos that show what living under ISIS is like.

ISIS has an estimated 50,000 Twitter accounts.

About a quarter of those accounts tweet in English, and three quarters tweet in Arabic. There are hundreds of thousands of tweets made each week. The government has failed to put a dent in the success of ISIS recruitment. In fact, estimates are that ISIS has replaced all of those 15,000  killed by US airstrikes last year.

All 56 FBI field offices have active accounts on possible ISIS terrorist. There will be a major attack on America, it’s just a matter of time. We must start that intellectual fight against ISIS now.

Defeating ISIS should not be an impossible task, they only have about 30,000 active members. Just imagine if all 320 million Americans work together to defeat this group.

We do have a plan:

  • Find the best messages to compete with ISIS on social media.
  • Hire the best expert bloggers to constantly attack ISIS recruitment.
  • Develop social media to attack the ISIS message.
  • Use focus groups to help with message development.
  • Run polling data to see why the ISIS message is working
  • Talk to those that have escaped from ISIS occupied lands to help develop message.
  • Monitor successes and failures weekly to develop better strategy.
  • Never give up until ISIS has been defeated.

It is almost impossible to believe that ISIS is succeeding by using social media with a very perverted message. The Concerned Citizens foundation intends to go after that message. We need to find the right words to counter ISIS activities every day on social media. We need to point out how horrific they are. Please join us in this very important effort by becoming a member of Concerned Citizens today

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