Concerned Citizens Coalition

Concerned Citizens Coalition

Please join us for a Project that will change the world in helping people. We want each city in America to help those in the poorest areas one block at a time starting this soon with a focus on the message that inspires change.

The 30-year-old foundation Concerned Citizens will work with hundreds of other groups working together to change the entire culture of one Census Tract – Montgomery County Alabama Census Tract 22.01 starting one block at a time. The group effort will be called the “Concerned Citizens Coalition” as we urge individuals to dream big.


We will organize events  on Meadowview St. a property owned by Miracle Deliverance Temple of Christ with Dr. Aaron Motley as Pastor and Founder.

We want to focus the entire community in this area and try to solve every problem anyone has – tutoring, job training, employment, stopping drug or alcohol abuse, parenting skills, in fact everything one person can do for another.  If you can dream it, the coalition wants to help you do it.

This is not a short-term commitment, but a lifetime commitment of love.

The entire project will only work on secular messages to motivate others, but each individual member is free while helping others to express the details of their faith and church membership.  The need to work with secular motivating messages is required by law to work nationwide with governments, all faiths, and all nonprofits.  We want everyone to join the effort to help others and to focus on the message that works.

The best method to change the culture of a neighborhood is to inspire individuals one at a time.  We will try to change the culture one block at a time.  Our first block will be

Block 5002, Block Group 5, Census Tract 22.01 Montgomery County, Alabama

This block is the 3800 block of Happiness Ave., and E. D. Nixon Ave.

After the Coalition has done everything possible to help everyone in that block, then we compare notes on what messages worked and move to the next block.

Those who have made the most progress for the better will be put in charge of the block and will let members of the Concerned Citizens Coalition know what maintenance is needed.  We never give up on that block, but try to learn and move on to the next block.

We need a new approach to solving problems with thousands of government programs, 1.5 nonprofits and over 300,000 congregations – Americans need to work together on the “messages” that inspire people to change.

Our purpose is not to condemn but help clients achieve their dreams by providing opportunities they have never had.

That unity of purpose starts this Summer.  Please join us: Go to or call 1-800-SELLERS.

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